Image of ERF #1: Golf MK II

ERF #1: Golf MK II

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Artists: Jošt Bukovec, Aljaž Celarc, Dejan Kralj, Manca Medved, Eva Pavlič Seifert, Boštjan Uršič - Hanibal

Zine, 28 pages, (250 x 176 mm, 9.8 x 6.9 in)

Second edition of 25

Digital print

A short section from editor’s preface:

“Golf MK2 changed the way on how we understand the concept of mobility and space. For this and many other factors we wanted to explore how the younger generation of artists understands the role of a single consumer good becoming a monument for itself.

Golf today is a part of a stereotypical image of rural areas in Slovenia and places where suburbanized areas meet countryside. The places where we grew up. Everytime I see Golf MK2 on the road I think of a home, Dolenjska region, the place where golfs are so popular. I cannot identify all the reasons why is Golf MK2 still popular. Namely it’s known for the quality and usability. Since there are so many reasons for Golf’s success, we have been mainly focusing on the way how the car changed our way of understanding the relation between space and time.

We are discovering the visuality of a single consumer type, that changed the attitude towards consumerism and other consumer goods. The visual exploration is dealing with our own regional identification and our position in diversified post-modern society. How did the Golf MK2 become Das Auto? “